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Acetánia | Vinegar Museum

Hungary's first vinegar museum has opened as an important stage of  the national gastronomial revolution and the road that leads to nutritional awareness. The most modern presentational techniques help to get familiar with the rich history and the exciting manufacturing...

Helia-D Herbal House Visitor & Beauty Centre

Helia-D is opening a herb and beauty centre in Tolcsva, in the heart of the famous Tokaj wine region for those interested in beauty care and in the charms of the wine region, the cradle of Tokaji Eszencia, a nectar legendary for its healing properties....

Rákóczi Castle in Szerencs

The castle was built in the XVI century. The Renaissance style was given at the time, when it was in the hand of Zsigmond Rákóczi.  ...

Sugar Museum

Documents, objects and photos shows the history of sugar manufacturing in Szerencs. There is a separate collection about sugar packing cultures from 48 countries, about 800 designs. The Sugar Museum of Szerencs is the third largest sugar museum in Europe after Berlin...

Zemplén Museum

The Museom of Zemplén can be found in the inner part of the Rákóczi castle, on the first floor. The collecting works started in 1965, when the people and the Béla Angyal 's group helped too. In 15th July 1967 László dr....