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2nd Hétszőlő Extreme run – Race “Up the Hill”!

Held for the first time in 2015, Up the Hill! (Hu: HegyreFel!) is an extreme race for runners in the vineyards of Hétszőlő, voted Most Beautiful Vineyard in Hungary 2012. So views will be spectacular!


What is this new Tokaj extreme sport? Well, just 1.400 metres from the Hétszőlő winery with a ‘warm up’ of 400 metres on practically flat land, a sharp left turn and then one single steep rise up to the finish… The route rises nearly 200 metres in just 1000 metres distance! Anyone with any strength left can admire the amazing panorama over the plain below the Tokaj hill.

The weekend of the Tokaj Wine Festival – so pefect for sport lovers who enjoy a glass a wine and some exercise to refill with fresh air. Check out the picture below for the route… The race is unique in that it rises so steeply in such a short distance – and the whole track is run on a concrete road. So no dirty trainers in the unlikely event it has been raining.

Start time:        10 am, 5th June
Start place:       Tokaj, Hétszőlő dűlő
Youngsters (born between 2003 and 2006)
Adolescents (born between 1999 and 2002)
Adults (born before 1999)
Seniors (born before 1967)

At the race start: 10 – 12 am
Fee in advance:

1.500 HUF/person
In advance 1.000 HUF/person
Teens 750 HUF/person

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