Tokaj Foundation unveils first statue in Memorial Park

19th-century geologist József Szabó was first to map the wine region's diverse geology, which is an essential part of the unique Tokaj terroir. His bust was solemnly unveiled on 18th September in what is going to become the Tokaj Memorial Park, a project of the Tokaj Foundation, in the courtyard of Tokaj town's municipal theatre.

Photo by TokajToday

The Tokaj Foundation was set up last year by renowned Tokaj-based winemaker Zoltán Demeter, whose wife, Anett, is now managing the Foundation's many activities that by no means include the Tokaj Memorial Park project only, but also aim at fostering the production of quality photography and printing of postcards and placards using such photography, printing modern vineyard maps and reprinting historical maps and books (including József Szabó's geological map of 1865), creating a regionally unified design for vineyard signage, as well as providing regular opportunities for local stakeholders to meet and discuss the hottest topics in the Tokaj region.

References: TokajToday

Photos by Hegyalja Fotó

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