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Problems and challenges along the Bodrog



In treatment and usage of Bodrog river around 30 domestic specialist and local inhabitants deliberated in Tokaj, in the framework of SEE River international projects. During programme they analyzed the river's attitude, formulated the problems of Bodrog, finally the goals of the river national section's treatment, flood-prevention, water management, nature protection, protection of the environment, agriculture, industry, tourism.

The goals of project that, according to the different international development, nature protection objectives, policies and programs in common rivers.

All participants agree that, the Bodrog river must be clean water, suitable for swimming, navigable, livable and subsistence, individual adventure-river, with overall settlements, prosperous tourism and a complex tourism product line (water-tourism, bicycle tourism, wine tourism, eco-tourism, cultural and historical tours and programs) with prospering TDM organization.

Dominant strenghts of the Bodrog and its direct environment the Tokaj's Wine, World Heritage title, rich natural and cultural offerings of area, population density (1 million inhabitants within 100 kms). However they called the attention the contamination of environment, the shipping becomes impossible, the prohibition of swimming, the isolation of settlements, economic backwardness, deficit of collaboration.

The most important goals: preservation of natural values, development of economy, development of aquatic and littoral transport infrastructure, locals livelihood ensuring and development of marketing and tourism.

After the national conference will be an international, with Slovak and Ukrainian members.

More information: Annamária Bartókné Tassonyi (annamaria.bartokne.tassonyi@neki.gov.hu), Miklós Szalai (miklos.szalay@neki.gov.hu)

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