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Winescape - Free your mind in Sárospatak!

Winescape opens up to a wine-themed exit games in Sárospatak. The nowadays fashionable craze has reached Tokaj-Hegyalja too The recipe is easy:  bring a good company, exciting tasks, a little bit of energy and adrenaline and the result is sixty minutes of Self-indulgent relaxation and the experience of the flow.

As its name shows Winescape, is contributing to wines, winery and the historical traditions. It could be existing for the locals and the visitors too. The new and interesting program will take place in The Cuvee event house. In May, ours first room will be opened, and the visitors can discover the secrets of a noble winemaking family. During the summer two more rooms will be opened with lots of surprises, innovations and with good wines. To book an appointment please e-mail us: info@cuveehaz.hu or call us: 06 70 442 6067

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