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Traffic, rent

Bus, boat, canoe, bike rentals and other means of transportation are available in our area. Choose and book the best suited for you!

Szilaj Rider Pension

Just 5 kilometers to Tokaj, in the banks of the Holt-Tisza of Tiszaladány, the Szilaj Lovas Pension are awaiting for the guests of horse-tourism in the whole year. In the banks of the Holt-Tisza a pier and a boat waiting for the fishermans. Total capacity:...

Vizisport Hostel

Information and reservation at Tourinform Tokaj. Address: 1. Serház Street, 3910 Tokaj e-mail: tokaj@tourinform.hu Phone: +36 70 388 88 70...

Zemplén Tourist Travel Agency

You can handle whole tour in one place. Use the all-round services of our office. Organizing individual and package, foreign and domestic travels Accommodation booking for groups and individuals all around the globe Travels, tours, round trips Beach...