Szent Tamás winery and vineyard

The winery is located in the hearth of the Tokaj region in the village of Mad. This village has the largest total vineyard area in our region. The vineyards were classified in the early 1700s. In this unique classification some of the vineyards of the village - located on the hillsides of inactive volcanoes - were evaluated as first class.

The company owns 25 hectares of vineyard most of them are located in first class areas. Istvan Szepsy Jr directs the work in eleven different plots. Most of these are located in Mad, but we own vineyards in Tallya, Tarcal, and Ratka as well. Out of our lands 20 hectares is under active cultivation, two hectares has been recently planted and three are in the process of melioration. Our chosen lands were highly classified in the early 1700s, and nowadays are considered to be the ones with the highest potential in the area. Our plantations on the Szent Tamás, Percze, Nyulászó, Kővágó, Király and Dongó crus were declared First Growth in the classification of Tokaj made by J. Matolai in 1732. We also cultivate highly classified parcels on Birsalmás, Teleki and Szilvás crus. Our goal is to present the unique flavours that originate from the different soil-structures of our vineyards. Within our vineyards there are remarkable parcels, where we can make exceptional limited release wines.

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