Soltész Borház

The wine for us is like a bread made in a wood fired ove: we cherish it deeply, we take the utmost care to the quality of the ingredients, and we let the aging process happen in its own natural way. We consider the wooden barrel aging important, by which creates an unique flavour, scent and aroma, that gives a distinctive character to our wines. We represent the traditional face of Tokaj with our approach, bearing in mind from where we came and where we are heading to.

The winery

We are a classic Tokaj Wine Region family business that has its roots reaching back to the grandparents. Our 4-hectare small estate has 5 lands in vineyards near Tolcsva . Thanks to the varied soils and bedrock plus the traditional Tokaj grape varieties (Furmint, Hárslevelű), our wines carry the distinctive Tokaj character. It is our aim to make wines that provide a worthy picture of the terroir and the vintage, as well as the world of flavours that evolved over centuries of winemaking.

We age our wines in traditional 220-l Szerednyei barrels made of local Zemplén oak. The exception is Sárgamuskotály whose aromas we bring to life using reductive winemaking techniques.


3934 Tolcsva, Dózsa György utca 22.
+3630 354 1960

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Tourinform Tokaj
3910 Tokaj, Serház u. 1.
Tel.: +36 47 352125

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