Páll cellar

Our goal is to keep the natural balance in our wines and our wine production. We rely on the nature, since we use wild yeast in our wines in a spontaneous way, thus keeping the uniqueness of the vintage and the ridge - and we adjust all of these to the taste of the present-day's wine-enthusiast.

The winery that can be found in our cellar has the capacity of  35 persons. (We can receice maximum of 40 persons.)

During the tasting of the 3-9 wines, you can learn about the grape- and wine varieties, which signifies this historical wine region, and the history of the local wine making.

During the wine tasting, on demand we can provide meals, after prior consultation.

Discover the Tokaji flavours of the wine varieties and wine specialties in the Páll Pince!  

Further information:

Tourinform Tokaj
3910 Tokaj, Serház u. 1.
Tel.: +36 47 352125
E-mail: info@tokaj-turizmus.hu


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