Kövesd ridge-tour at daytime

The Kövesd ridge lies above out cellars. If we climb up the ridge, a stunning panorama unfolds before our eyes, with the Bodrog river, the Zemplen Mountain range, the Szent-Teréz Chapel, and with the Kopasz-Mountain.

Available: Whole year, with prior appointment
Location: Szedmák Pince és Borház - Tarcal

During the ridge-tour we make the wine tasting more interesting with stories about Tarcal, and winemaker stories.

Participation fee: 3.000 Ft/persons

In the wine tastings we serve home made pretzel. The visitors can order home made cheeses. Home made syrups and coffees are available in the Winehouse.

Phone: +36 30 943 7395

Further information:

Tourinform Tokaj
3910 Tokaj, Serház u. 1.
Tel.: +36 47 352125
E-mail: info@tokaj-turizmus.hu

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