Kikelet Winery

The Kikelet winery is located in Tarcal in the Tokaj wine region. It was brought into existence by Stéphanie and Zsolt Berecz in 2002.

Stéphanie, who hails from the Loire valley, earned a degree in oenology in Bordeaux and then moved to the Tokaj wine region in 1994.

The Berecz couple aim at bringing the excellent Tarcal soil and the character of their wines to the forefront, they strive to discover and stress the individual personality of each slope and each grape variety. To achieve this goal they apply the technique of limitet yield. Wines made of carefully selected grapes ferment and mature in oak casks.

The characteristic shallow cellar and connected branches are a few hundreds years old. There are mentions of them dating from 250 years ago.

The vineyard

The vineyard comprises 4.5 hectares of slopes located in various parts of Tarcal. The composition of grape varieties is as follows: furmint 48%, hárslevelű 48%, zéta 3%, muscat lunel 1%.

Volcanic soil covered with a layer of loess produces elegant, balanced, full-bodied wines when an appropriate limited yield technique is applied.

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