Huli Pension

Tokaj is a pleasent little town with many sights, great winecellars, good restaurants and beautiful surroundings. Two rivers meet here, the Tisza and the Bodrog, at the foot of the volcanic Kopasz hill. Also the finest wines can be found and tasted in the historical wine cellars.

Our pension is in the  heart  of Tokaj town, near the hill, and the confluence of the two rivers.

There are 12 nice rooms in the Huli Pension, which coorporetes with the 7 rooms of the Bodrog Pension. The two pensions  open onto each other, so they are able to welcome bigger companies.

In  the inner yard there is a marvellous café with excellent cakes and sweets. Outside there is a grill-bufet, and a sweets- and souvenir shop belonging to the building.
In the grill-buffet you can choose from four breakfast menus, and some varied foods.
In the sweet and souvenir shop you can buy hungarin hand-made sweets, chocolate, and syrup,  specific teas, ceramic gifts, and Tokaj wine.
We are happy to welcome back our guests , this is the greatest honour for us and for our town, Tokaj.


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