Gusteau Culinary Adventure Workshop

About Gusteau

It is good to receive, but to give is just like heaven…
Our culinary experience workshop assembles a creative team of culinary artists, for whom bringing pleasure is a form of art. This is our aim: to provide our guests with the unforgettable “Gusteau-feeling” with our wine dinners, wine- and pálinka-tastings as well as other alternative programs…


Wine lunches & wine dinners

We create 4, 5 or 6-course lunches or dinners for the wine dishes complied according to our guests’ wishes. In the case we lack a particular wine dish, we are ready to offer our guests a menu to choose from 12 different types of 4, 5 or 6-course lunches and dinners.

Wine tasting

We organize wine tastings in our guest house in Mád, where we invite the winemakers and wine producers selected by our guests to present their wines.

Wine trips

We organize trips to the wine cellars of Mád and its surroundings as selected by our guests, which   will be completed with a delicious wine dinner. If required, we can also recommend particular wine cellars to our guests with full organization, of course.

Pálinka tastings

For the lovers of Pálinka, we organize pálinka tastings in our Vágáshuta location, which will be completed with a lunch and/or dinner in the cellar. This program is especially recommended for those who love oven-baked dishes.

Permanent programs

We organize wine dinner and wine evening programs every month: our chef creates a 6-course dinner for the selected wines, which is unique for every occasion, and fabulously emphasizes the character of the wines. Wine evening: organized every month, our wine evenings are accompanied by artistic performances and high profile wine tastings.





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