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For class trips

Ősök és Hagyományok

New seasonal exhibiton has opened in the Word Heritage Wine Museum ( Tokaj, Serház str. 55.), from the materials of Herman Ottó Museum. The exhibition accessible in the opening hours till 10 April, 2020....

Aszú House

In the past few years severel serious developments started in Mád, Tokaj-Hegyalja. Among these the First Mád Wine House cannot be missed by anyone visiting the town, Gusteau Culinary Adventure Workshop is gaining recognition and Szent Tamás Winery...

Rákóczi Castle in Szerencs

The castle was built in the XVI century. The Renaissance style was given at the time, when it was in the hand of Zsigmond Rákóczi.  ...

Grape Nature Trail

Due to the Tokaj-Hétszőlő vineyard's natural gifts, and the carefull conditioning of its lands and grapes, this vineyard has become one of Hungary's most beautiful vineyards. The path which incircles the vineyard allows visitors to take a walk, and learn...

European wines, european travellers

The landscape has a lot of stories to tell us about relations between wine and Europe; about wine regions and types of wines, about the built heritage of these wine regions and cellars, architectural innovations; the traditions of the wine region, and also about the...

The history of the Gönci Barrel

In his writing, “Vinicultura Tokajiensis” Bél Mátyás claimed that if there is something in the world which has been equally praised all over the world that must be the Tokaji wine because it has so many good qualities that no other...