Aszú House

In the past few years severel serious developments started in Mád, Tokaj-Hegyalja. Among these the First Mád Wine House cannot be missed by anyone visiting the town, Gusteau Culinary Adventure Workshop is gaining recognition and Szent Tamás Winery does pioneer work by creating Mád Wine or the new design of its bottle. Similar pioneer ventures are the Botrytis Boutique Hotel and Aszú House, the latter of which houses a wine archive collecting famous ʻtokajiʼ-s and offers the possibility to store bottles of wines in appropriate conditions. In addition, visitors will be immersed in an interactive exhibition of the region’s viticulture and winemaking.

At the exhibition, visitors can explore Tokaj-Hegyalja’s long tradition of vine growing and wine making through easily accessible, partly interactive contemporary artworks. Video installations using archive footage as well as recently made films and photo animations show the region, its geographical features, vineyard labours and the most important, unique phenomenon: the noble rot on late-hervested grapes in a completely new way.

The wine archive and wine vault are situated on the lowest floor of the Aszú House. In the wine archive, besides the famous aszú (wine made from nobly rotten grapes), many other valuable wines are also on display. The habit of storing bottles of wines in vaults is not common in Hungary but we hope to pique the interest of wine enthusiasts who do not simply love tradition, but love creating new ones. Making a good investment and avoiding deterioration in quality are only two of the several evident benefits of storing wines in wine vaults. It can aslo be fun: few or even dozens of bottles can be placed in the vault on the occasion of family or business events, and one of them can be opened to celebrate each anniversary. Tasting is also possible in the wine vault, so the maturation of stored wine can be observed year after year.

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