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Andrássy Castle; Primary School (Monok)

The Andrássys were no longer satisfied with the little castle , so a newer, bigger one was built. A new six-acre ornamental garden belongs to the castle. There are four Doric column in front of the entrance. The building has a spacious lobby welcoming  the arrivals, here stairs led to the Rococo frescos ornamented oval ceremonial hall. We find 18th century frescoes typical rococo elements, the four world view, and smoking a pipe, Hungarian musical forms are represented. On the ground floor in its chapel built in 1770-71 guests also can admire frescoes. The two-storey Baroque palace was  transformed into neo-classical style by 19th descendants. The last owner after his death in 1881, the nobility remained unclaimed for a long time. In 1908 the castle was donated to the Children's Protective League by Dénes Andrássy, which works as a school since 1914.

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