7th Pumpkin lantern owl tour at night

In 2020 getting ready for an awesome day with pumpkins for kids and the adults as well.

Date: 31 October, 2020., 14.00 - 20.00
Location: Tokaji-Mountain

The organising is in progress. Some delicacy teaser:

pet presentation and petting

pumpkin goodies presentation with taster (you can sign up for this)

insect taster - salty for somabody, sweet for the other

Pathfinding baby tour: What kind of animals living in the mountain?

Fine bites for the animals, birds: putting out chickadee-balls, bird-scones, raw vegetable-apple, pumpkin

Pumpkin Lantern tour for the adults

Ghost train (?)

Further information in the 7. Éjszakai Töklámpás Bagolytúra Facebook-event.


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